Monday 22 August 2016

Sing Praise!

I was recently reminded of this episode which I had recorded in my online journal 13 years ago. Basically, it's about how our #2 boy's first words were actually sung and from a worship song.

Just to add an epilogue to that journal entry, our boy has turned out to be the chattiest of all 3 children. And he has progressed from singing praises to wanting to be a preacher!

Anyway as I thought and prayed about all this last week, I realised that my desire for my children is that they not only start praising God early in their lives but also keep on praising Him till the very end! In fact, that is my own desire too, so that it would be a natural progression when we graduate from this life and enter into an eternity of endless praise.

That's our preacher-in-training's 15th birthday celebration. :)

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