Thursday 16 February 2017


First posted on Facebook on 1 May 2013:
Aimee wanted to go to the prayer meeting in church last night cos there's no school today. On the way there, she started telling me a very interesting story.

Her classmate had told her about a neighbour who had a very precious treasure. This classmate had been shown the treasure before and it was very beautiful and very precious. Apparently it had been passed down from their great-great-great-(x 20 or so)...great-grandfather, and was very precious!

One day when the family was out, a burglar broke into their home and stole this treasure. When they got home, they couldn't find it anywhere and they were very very sad cos it was very precious...

Aimee then commented, 'Do you know we are God's treasure?'

After some prompting from me, she concluded that unlike the family who lost their treasure, God will never take His eyes off His treasure and He will watch over and protect His treasure from being stolen by the thief Satan!

Did you know you are God's treasure and that you are very very precious to Him? <3

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