Sunday 5 March 2017

From Renewal to New Horizon - personal faith journey

I was born (again) while studying in university in UK and when I returned after graduating, I was still a babe (in Christ) and was adopted (spiritually) by Renewal Christian Church. In this big family, I grew up under the love and care of many older brothers and sisters as well as the companionship (fellowship) of peers. I learned to talk (ie pray), walk (in God's ways), read (the Bible), and even teach (and mentor) others who joined the family after I did.

Under the watchful eyes of my family members and with much encouragement and support from them, I got to try out new ideas and embark on many adventurous projects. In the process, I grew stronger (in faith) and more confident of my (God-given) talents and abilities.

More than 20 years later, I have become a mature adult (spiritually). So the head of the family (senior pastor) match-made me with New Horizon Church and sent me out to stand on my own feet. But I will never forget the home where I grew up and was groomed for the work that God has purposed for me to do.

Happy 28th, RCC! 💕

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